Friday, August 05, 2005

Thought for the day

How can a democratic society maintain a tax court system where the taxpayer is guilty until proven innocent? How is it possible that this remains a sad reality in Canada?

The state can assess your income and send you a bill. If you don't agree with that bill, you must file a complaint. The government will then take you to court, where they are not require to prove their case. The taxpayer must prove their innocence against an army of bureaucrats and lawyers.

Of course, it's not the large corporations that get smoked in tax court -- it's the little guy who runs a gas station or a fast food stand. The government knows a big business has the resources to put up a prolonged fight, so they don't even bother.

When will taxpayers be afforded the same rights as criminals and terrorists?


Shawn said...

It is easy to understand when you realize that the gov't has become so delusional that it sees citizens as little bags of money to be drained to support the social engineering project of the month (a la gun registry, daycare, etc.) Govt's in Canada do not exist to serve people, rather to rule them.

Little Tobacco said...

I am with you until the "same rights as criminals and terrorists" crap. Every person has the same rights as a "criminal" it is simply that you do not need to rely on the said rights until you are in jeopardy.

If you need this emotional / fear mongering plea at the end of your post it becomes easy to conclude that either your post is without merit or you are not convinced of its merit.

Taxes are collected under the threat of force. Tsxes have become in Canada tantamount to theft. The problem is the lack of property rights in the country. You do not need to mention Paul Bernardo or Bin Laden to make the point.

David MacLean said...

That's garbage tobacco. A criminal is innocent until proven guilty. In tax court that's not the case.

That's the whole point of the post.

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