Monday, August 29, 2005

Taube on the CTF

Sun columnist Michael Taube mistakes the CTF for a political party. What part of "non-partisan" does he not understand?


Anonymous said...

'Canadian Taxpayers Federation'NON PARTISAN!!? Give us a break - no one in the dominion of Canada is more ideologically driven then the CTF!!

David MacLean said...

Check your definition of 'partisan,' anonymous. We don't support any political party or group, even if we agree with their platform.

Shawn said...

Having a specific ideology behind an organization does not equate to being partisan. If you look at past press releases, the CTF has torn a strip off every political party in Canada. If they do it more often to the speNDP and Fiberals, it would be because the CTF is opposed to more government ang higher taxes, while these parties promote these ideas.

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