Friday, August 26, 2005

Sask: Province builds $1 million airport terminal for cabinet ministers

Wow. The province is building a special terminal for government aircraft for $1 million.

The Sask Party correctly asks why they didn't just lease existing real response from the province.

Hmmm...MRI unit or air terminal for politicians?

As I type, I am writing the the Freedom of Informaton request:

"Please provide the cost-benefit analysis of building a stand alone government air terminal..."


Anonymous said...

While I do disagree with what the gov't is doing in this instance, I think that its frustrating to watch oppositions always beat on the government for things like this. I mean, if the Sask. party were to win power, would they use this new terminal? Of course they would. Oppositions cannot help going after the easy pickings like this when it comes to attacking a government, and its unfortunate because those same oppositions enjoy those perks if and when they defeat the government. These sorts of attacks undermine all politicians and continue to give elected officials a bad reputation.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until the Sask. Party defeats this NDP regime. I am so tired of this constant useless spending, no wonder I moved from Saskatoon to Alberta! Wake up people!

Anonymous said...

The Sask Party IS NOT going to defeat the NDP - if they were, they had to do in last election - the urban / rural numbers have changed sufficiently that the NDP simply has to hold its urban seats and they win. With ALL of the oil royalties they are now collecting - they will not be thrown out. The Sask Party had their high water mark - she's over boys...

Shawn said...

Actually, not all rural people are moving to Alta (I'm not sure why). Many are moving to cities and they remember who has messed up the province. In several ridings the NDP can be beaten, expecially Saskatoon. If the Sask Party would find some common sense conservative policies, they could win a 3-4 seat majority.

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