Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Letter to Toronto Sun from NCC on Taube

Dear Sir/Madam:

In his column "In Defence of Stephen Harper" August 29, 2005, Michael Taube calls me "stupid".

Why does Taube think I am stupid? Because I have criticized the federal Conservatives for failing to offer voters a principled, pro-free enterprise alternative to the Liberal Party.

Well, I stand by that criticism. In my view, the last thing Canada needs is a Conservative Party with a "Liberal Lite" agenda. What Canada does need is a political party that proudly and unabashedly stands for less government, lower taxes and individual freedom.

And by the way, Conservatives that stand for true small "c" conservative values usually win elections. That’s how Ronald Reagan won. That’s how Margaret Thatcher won. That’s how Mike Harris won. Does Taube think they are all stupid too?

Gerry Nicholls, Vice President
National Citizens Coalition

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Anonymous said...

It's funny that he calls you stupid when he has been advocating for years the same things as you have! Instead of defending yourself, you should be asking him why he no longer stands by those principles!

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