Monday, August 08, 2005

Canada v. US health-care

The CTF has long advocated for a parallel public-private healthcare system, which resembles more of an European model than a US model of healtchcare delivery.

Tom Broadback of the Winnipeg Sun recently penned a column to illustrate how supporters of the existing healthcare monopoly use the US comparison as a "fear" tactic.


MapMaster said...

He is one of the more interesting and hard-working columnists in Canada and it is too bad that his columns are not printed in more of the Sun media papers.

However, it should be noted that his name is Tom Brodbeck.

Warwick said...

When arguing with socialists who think that Canada's system is the best, you often run into the semi-delusional argument that 2 tiers equals US-style HMO's.

My response has been to point out that if you imagined the worst US HMO, gave that HMO a monopoly, had the government run it, then ban all non-HMO covered health care, then what you would have is Canada's system.

Clear Man said...

The Fraser Institute is not exactly a neutral in this discussion. Immediately when you know its Fraser they always, now and forever come down on the side of privatization of everything. In this case they know that not wise because Canadians LOVE their health care soooo lets just chip away a little, lets just find examples of a two tier system somewhere else that is WORKING. What a great plan.
So now I have two tiers and one doctor. Hmmm. Wonder where that doctor is going to work?? In the private sector where they have more money, pay more, better working hours etc.
Well then, if all the doctors go to the private that's too extreme. If all the good doctors...
If all the best doctors, the specialists, the hard to find people, the one of a kind people, went to the private system then how does that make the public system better???? I can see how it may make it more expensive because now we have to compete with the private sector for the best or the hard to find specialists. I just don't get how anyone EXCEPT the well off are going to benefit.
The sad part is that many of those who would be getting the short end of the stick probably can't afford private care. If you wanna see broken public health care just hold this privatization carrot in front of all the doctors and see how many bite. The waits for some surgeries will get very long. Then someone will suggest that government pay the private clinics to do some of the backlog...for a price.
Now the doctor who operated in the public sector for $10000 is doing the same operation for $15000 in the private sector. Now the public sector is worse off and we're paying more than ever.
Just great isn't it?

Blue Cross of California said...

I think Canada comes out greater than US in health care as they provide universal health coverage.

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