Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Called to the Trough....

From the PMO:

Five have been summoned to enter the Red Chamber and called themselves Senators, only these guys don't have to be able to skate. (or even show up)

At a cool $119, 300. 00 per year, these lucky folks have just won cash for life! FANTASTIC!

These days, Paul Martin and his advisers probably just chuckle when they think of "democratic deficit" and other catchy political-bytes. That was then, this is now.

Read an earlier CTF critique of the expensive museum Canadian taxpayers call The Senate of Canada here.

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TJ Horton said...

I laud the concern for democracy and use of tax dollars, but why do we obsess about the relatively microscopic total dollars that go to our elected officials? It's about 0.0001 of federal outlays. We risk appearing petty and vindictive about politicians, rather than rational about taxes. I think rationality dictates that we focus on things in proportion to their impact, and given what we stand for, I figure impact should be measured mainly in dollars. Agree?

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