Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The BIG announcement

I was at the "New Deal" announcement this morning that will see $148 million gas tax dollars sent to Saskatchewan over 5 years for environmentally friendly infrastructure projects.

There was a very surreal moment when Finance Minister Goodale was inviting various stakeholders to formally sign off on the deal and pose for the big photo-op. He invited Don Schlosser from the Saskatchewan Urban municipalities Association, Neil Hardy from Sask Association of Rural Municipalities and the provincial minister of municipalities.

Realizing he had forgotten the "big guy," Goodale quickly turned and said with a laugh to the Prime Minister "please come forward, Prime Minister, it is your money."

Don't you see? The Prime Minister came to Saskatchewan bearing gifts, for which we all should be grateful!

Being the prickly pears we are, we weren't so grateful this morning.


Anonymous said...

These guys are coming here at our expense to make promises we and they both know they are not going to keep. They say it has nothing to do with the upcoming election. I say "gimme a break".

mandytaft15672847 said...
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Wade Ranger said...

That statement pretty well sums of the Liberal's attitiude. "...it's your money". I think they believe it is their money not ours to spend for EVERYONE'S greater good.

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