Monday, August 29, 2005

Alberta surplus a "mere" $2.8 billion

Alberta is confusing all the pundits who were predicting an $8 billion surplus this year by prediction a $2.8 billion surplus.

I bet I know why the surplus is so small. Have you looked at Alberta spending lately?

I give up. I'm convinced that the only way to reduce spending in that province is to cut taxes so deeply so that it forces The Party to control spending.


len pryor said...

Why would Alberta want to reduce spending when they have all that money ? What they spend Ottawa can't get.

Anonymous said...

It was so much easier when Alberta had no money because they could say no to everyone, now that they have said yes to a lot of things the floodgates have opened. Other provinces should beware. Its like when someone wins the lottery and then has to spend the next month reading sob letters from people begging for money, very sad.

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