Friday, August 26, 2005

Alberta names new Chief of Staff

Ralph Klein has reportedly made former Deputy Minister of Finance Peter Kruselnicki his new Chief of Staff. Kruselnicki replaces outgoing COS Rod Love.

Kruselnicki has a reputation around Alberta government circles for being hard-nosed and aggressive, and was around when all the good things happened in Alberta (those were the days, eh?).

We can only hope that he will play a role in tax cuts that have been trial ballooned by Premier Klein of late.

Of course, Kruselnicki is a regular reader and we have some suggestions for him now that he has the undivided attention of the Premier.

1. Protect taxpayers with legislation, to require that a referendum be held prior to the introduction of any new taxes or tax increases. This would fulfill a long-standing promise of Premier Klein, and would accord with the wishes of 83% of Albertans.

2. Control spending with legislation. Alberta’s spending on government programs is up 90% in eight years, compared to 15% population growth and 23% inflation.

3. Reduce Albertans’ tax burden by $1.5 billion, by abolishing the health care premium tax ($893 million) and the 3% hidden sales tax on insurance ($191 million), and allowing parents a per-child tax exemption ($200 million) and reducing provincial property tax by one sixth ($200 million).

4. Abolish the health care premium tax for all Albertans. Abolishing this tax for seniors was a small step in the right direction, but a family with children, earning $35,000 per year, must still pay $1,056 per year.

Come on Peter, you know you wanna!

Update: Rod Love is reportedly leaving Klein's government to work for Jim Dinning, the next Premier of Alberta.


Anonymous said...

Jim Dinning is the next Premier of Alberta? since when does the CTF encourage a coronation? or is this their way of trying to get Albertans to NOT vote for Dinning? for shame, give the guy a chance, he did after all take Alberta and make it an economic powerhouse!

David MacLean said...

That was actually a joke. All signs point to dinning. You are right, Dinning did some great work.

Anonymous said...

Of course the CTF is a Conservative-loving group. You can bet that they're getting their funding from the party itself as well as their supporters.

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