Tuesday, August 30, 2005

AB: Lougheed speaks

When Peter Lougheed speaks, Albertans listen.


Anonymous said...

Do other CTF Provincial Directors agree with Mr. Hennig when he says that if Alberta cut its taxes then it would "force" other provinces to become more competitive? I'm interested in a realist opinion from the other CTF Directors because don't they already try to convince their province's government to model itself after Alberta? How successful has that been? So what happens when Alberta enlarges the already significant gap?

David MacLean said...

One word, anonymous, one word: DOOM.

Anonymous said...

Is that a Saskatchewan answer? or an answer for everyone but Alberta?

How much longer will the rest of Canada allow Alberta to get away with all these surpluses before they cry for their share?

David MacLean said...

Well, anonymous, nobody in the other provinces shed a tear for Alberta when prices dropped to $12, or when the NEP hollowed out a once-vibrant city. Now that oil prices are high, I find it quite hypocritical for central canada to want some of the action, because they won't be setting up a trust fund for Alberta when everything goes south -- and it will.

Besides, what benefits Alberta benefits everyone. Can you even fathom the tax dollars Alberta is churning out ever day to ottawa?

Don't kill the goose.

When the oil is gone, what does alberta really have? Nothing compared to BC and Ontario.

So Canada can cry all they want, but Albertans won't hand over a dime (except for the carbon tax, and when that reality sinks in, there are going to be a lot of angry western canadians.)

Angry Albertan said...

Good discussion. I'm not anti-central Canada, but I am tired of reading the Globe and Mail and reading the dribble from leftist writers, like the one from Madelaine Drohan today. Since when do all Canadians suffer because of Alberta's success?

However Mr. Maclean, the one thing everyone should learn is that its not just Oil that makes Alberta rich, in fact, if you look at the numbers, Alberta makes more of a profit on Natural Gas. Now thats a diverse economy!

David MacLean said...

Hey I know you are being a little facetious, but alberta's economy is a heck of a lot more diverse that it used to be.

And in case anyone forgets, part of the reason for lowering taxes further in Alberta is to capitalize on current wealth and use it to diversify the economy.

It's absolutely essential to both save for the future and cut taxes now, in the interest of future generations.

Shawn said...

Funny that someone would think the rest of Canada would "allow" Alberta to accumulate surpluses. Does the rest of Canada have the right/authority to pillage Alberta once it reaches a certain level of prosperity? Their share is already appropriated via the equalization plan (which merely allows foolish politicians to continue even more foolish policies).

Saskatchewan is an excellent example. The ONLY reason we come down as a have province is because of oil and gas prices. Commissar Calvert is going to put this one-time revenue towards shoring up union votes instead of implementing proven economy-building strategies like lowering capital and business taxes. We will be have-not soon enough with a "fellow traveller" like Lorne setting the course.

Good for Alberta and just maybe some other provinces will wake up and act more like them (chronic basket cases like Nfld, etc.). Building a strong economy isn't hard, just get the government out and let markets determine winners and losers.

Jim said...

The best government quote of all time is by Jim Dinning, once Treasurer of Alberta. He's now a leadership contender so please don't consider this, or myself as a boost for his campaign.
But he once said "Alberta doesn't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem"
Can you imagine the Alberta economy and what the surpluses would be if Alberta stuck to that philosophy? Especially considering their spending is wayyy out of control. I think this is the opportunity for Alberta to diversify even further, why not try to become small business friendly, or build a cluster of R&D facilities. If the rest of Canada is weak, there's no reason Alberta should have to lower itself because of it.

Craig said...

If Lougheed ran for the leadership of the PC Party, he would easily replace Dinning as the front runner. He's so in tune with Albertans that its just unbelievable.

Maybe he should run, at least with him we know where he stands....

Justthinkin said...

Ummmm....wasn't lougheed the one who bent over for PET and the NEP? Just wondering

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