Thursday, July 28, 2005

SK: Top civil servants receive raise

No sooner is Saskatchewan a "have" province - thanks to increased oil and gas revenues - and the top civil servants are "having" a grand old time. Saskatchewan's top civil servants will recieve approximately 19% wage increases over the next 4 years.

Hey Premier Calvert, with all that new revenue, how about some tax breaks?


Anonymous said...

Calvert is just making sure his "voter" base stays with him into the next election. He is also rewarding unions with higher wage packages. Whatever happened to 0-1-1? Enough already Mr. Calvert! Please reduce our provincial debt and lower taxes. And, then I am going to vote for the Sask Party who at least has a vision for making this province more viable.

John Murney said...

What a waste of our resources - we could be eliminating the provincial debt instead, like Alberta did.

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