Thursday, July 14, 2005

Save "medicare" -- Phone a friend!!

For absolutely no reason, the Saskatchewan health minister is calling on Saskatchewan residents to call their relatives in Alberta and urge them to oppose Alberta's "maverick" health reforms, even though he himself notes that most of these "maverick" reforms have already been done in Saskatchewan (and we have the worst waiting lists in Canada, go figure!)

First off, it's none of Nilson's business what Alberta does with its own tax dollars. Second, why does he care? What Alberta does has nothing to do with what Saskatchewan does (which is pretty much nothing).

I'm sure it's really great for relations between our two provinces when a high-ranking Saskatchewan minister is trying to stir up political opposition in another province. Minister, mind your own failing health system.

Every government needs a strawman and, in Saskatchewan, that straw man is Ralph Klein.

Here is the amusing article from Today's Leader Post:

Saskatchewan's Health Minister is passionately asking the province's residents to lobby Albertan friends and relatives to urge policymakers to "operate as Canadians, not as mavericks" when reforming health care.

John Nilson is concerned that Premier Ralph Klein's new health care reforms, dubbed "the third way" because they fall between the existing public health-care system and a privatized one, will endanger universal medicare.

Health care in the mid-90s took a huge hit when the federal government pulled back a lot of funding, Nilson said. "We're just now getting things back into appropriate balance and I encourage Alberta to operate as Canadians and not as mavericks in the health-care system.

" . . . It's important for each and every Saskatchewan citizen to phone their relatives in Alberta and make sure that publicly in Alberta the Canadian perspective around community responsibility for health care remains at the forefront of what the policymakers are doing."
Update: Venerable talk show host John Gormley has taken up this topic for most of this morning (friday)...


Shawn said...

What an amazing hypocrite! I can only imagine the deep outrage John Nilson would display had Ralph Klein ever called on Albertans to encourage their Sasaktchewan friends and relatives to lobby the SK gov't on a conservative issue. Goes to show that the rules only apply one way, if you're a clueless socialist

John Murney said...

Nilson is a hypocrite; he will probably move to Alberta once he retires from politics.

David MacLean said...

Why worry about your own problems, when you can worry about what is happening in other provinces?

I guess Nilson has a lot of time on his hands, what with solving all other problems and all.

Absurd waste of time and abuse of authority.

David MacLean said...

BTW, I am still waiting on a mainstream media reporter to do a reaction story on whether it is at all appropriate for a minister of the crown to organizing political campaigns in other provinces.


Justthinkin said...

david...I hope your watch is nuclear powered,because it will be a loonnnggggg wait for you.

Candace said...

"...publicly in Alberta the Canadian perspective around community responsibility for health care remains at the forefront of what the policymakers are doing."

What clarity of thought. What brilliance.

What an idiot.

John Murney said...

You could be waiting a long time, David!

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