Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sask: SFL delivers bitter rant to business tax committee

Got a hold of a copy of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour submisson to the Business Tax Review Committee.

True to form, Larry Hubich spends most of his time in the report taking shots at the business community and their advocates rather than communicating their own message (which was: "Everything is great in Saskatchewan, couldn't be better!)

Here are a few good excerpts from their written submission:

"The tax system should not be propping up operations that may well be bound for bankruptcy. And the tax system should not provide any more encouragement than is already there for company owners to “cook the books” in order to hide earnings and profitability."

(Instead, the SFL and the Canadian Labour Congress would argue in favour of propping corporations up through direct taxpayer the Ontario auto industry)

"We understand the urge that corporate executives experience, to have as much corporate profit as possible transferred to some tax free or low tax zone. But unlike some shills and apologists for oil companies we don’t believe they should be allowed to get away with it."

(notice how everyone else, in the SFL's worldview, is a "shill" if they don't buy their line? I wonder if any of these dodgy corporations are in the SFL pension plan portfolio)

"We shouldn’t even be thinking of in any way putting that in jeopardy, simply because of the high-pitched rhetoric of some business lobby groups, whose members have in many cases never had it so good."

(Why do they spend so much time hammering other advocacy groups? Sour grapes? The goal is to pursuade the government, not take shots at everyone else)

"For almost a quarter century now – through the Devine, Romanow and Calvert administrations – there has been a preoccupation by our elected politicians with pandering to the constant calls by business lobby groups to rid employers of the nuisance of having to pay taxes."

(Oh those lazy, irresponsible corporate elites!)

"The business climate in Saskatchewan is so good you would think the Chamber of Commerce would be leading its members in Wal-Mart style cheers on a daily basis."

(Lousy use of humour in an important submission to an important committee -- classy)

And this is my favourite:

"Would zero tax rates be acceptable to the likes of the CFIB? Would the Chambers of Commerce be satisfied if wage earners paid for all the public services in society? Or would they at that point demand further subsidies and tax expenditures simply for opening their doors each day?"


Anonymous said...

Larry Hubich loves to hear himself talk and much of the nonsense he spews is only of interest to himself.

Shawn said...

Every time this clown opens his mouth, it is another shovelful of dirt on unions. If there is a more inefficient, stagnating force in the labor market today, I would be interested to know what it would be. Too bad almost all unions are non-voluntary, because I believe hardly anyone would sign up for such a bizarre situation of their own free will.

John Murney said...

David, it appears Hubich is gearing up for a battle, or a campaign of some kind.
At the very least, Hubich doesn't seem in the conciliatory or diplomatic mood. Hubich's tone is very strident, even for him.

David MacLean said...

Perhaps their gearing up for a 70's style class war. Unfortunately for them it's 2005. Just don't tell them that.

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