Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Regina: The end of an era

Longtime city manager Bob Linner is retiring. Hopefully, he will bring along with him the City of Regina's administrative paralysis.

Linner is responsible for one of the most bizarre budget processes imaginable. Each year Linner would bring to council a proposal to raise taxes astronomically. Council would tell him to go take a walk, and come back with a more reasonable proposal. Linner's response would typically be to threaten to close swimming pools and fire people. Council would tell him to take another walk, and begin cutting his proposed budget by eliminating some of the proposed new positions the bureaucrats were creating.

Mayor Fiacco put and end to that process.

The City of Regina has never explored public/private partnerships. They have never looked at cutting costs in any serious way, with the exception of proposed library closures (our library system is considerably over-built) which they later backed away from. Linner is at least partially responsible for this.

Linner's exit could be very good for Regina taxpayers.


Shawn said...

Anything is a start. BS like the threatened strike during Canada Games, etc., etc. has driven me to the point of screaming. These nutbars in the unions need a wakeup call, and it appears Linner was at least part of the problem what with his ridiculous fearmongering. "What you don't want to pay more taxes? Then we'll have to put all the roads back to dirt"-type nonsense. good riddance, and here's hoping they find someone with some common sense.

John Murney said...

Linner was City Manager all through the 1990s...not once did he cut spending during that time, when most other governments were tightening their belts.
Linner spent his entire career in PA and Regina appeasing the unions. Good riddance to Linner.

David MacLean said...

John, I would certainly yield to you on this questions. You did cover city hall for a million years.

John Murney said...

I covered every City Hall meeting in Prince Albert from 1993 to 1997 and the legacy of Linner lives on in that city to this day.
I also covered every budget meeting at Regina City Hall from 1998 to 2003 - Regina will be feeling the full impact from Linner also for decades to come.

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