Tuesday, July 05, 2005

If only Canada's "Supremes" faced the same scrutiny

The United States is currently in the process of selecting a new justice to sit on their Supreme Court. The candidates will face a barrage of questions and scrutiny before public senate hearings. Unfortunately in Canada, new appointees to the Supreme Court of Canada are determined behind closed doors by the Prime Minister.

It's time to bring true accountability and transperancy to Canada's appointments to our highest court.


Manatee said...

I prefer our system to that of "borking" or avoiding "borking" through appointment of untalented or stealth candidates. The appointment process is taken seriously in Canada, and many opinions are sought before an appointment made. How many examples can you give of unqualified Justices advancing far in our judicail system?

Shawn said...

Besides, it's much cheaper to become a Cdn Supreme Court Justice. See the info dug up at Angry in the Great White North regarding judicial donations to political parties. Also, regarding the "qualifications" of many of the current justices, they would have to include a proclivity towards creating new laws, rights, and entitlements. Most of them make Bader-Ginsburg look like Rhenquist or Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Is Manatee a Liberal lawyer?

John Murney said...

I have mixed feelings about this whole process. I'll have to think on this for a spell.

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