Friday, July 15, 2005

Gas prices creating shock waves

New Brunswickers are driving to Maine to fill up their tanks to escape high gasoline prices.

For every dollar a motorist spends on gasoline in New Brunswick, 42 centsis paid to the taxman.

The average Canadian pays 38 cents per dollar of gasoline.By comparison, he said, consumers in Maine resident are paying about 23 per cent in taxes for their gasoline, the same as the U.S. average."

We have a number of taxes here which are encouraging motorists to go across the border where taxes are a bit cheaper," Mr. Williamson said.

Irving Oil spokesperson Jennifer Parker says the price of gasoline in Maine and New Brunswick "is actually very similar" when you take taxes out of the equation.

42 per cent of the price of gasoline is tax. We can't control the world price of oil, but we CAN control the taxes. Come on people now....

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