Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fuelling a tax fight

Edmonton Sun's Kerry Diotte with a piece on Canada's over-the-top, freedom limiting tax burden. Of course, a friendly CTFer is on the scene with some handy facts.

It’s pay day for Edmonton refinery worker Peter Demers.

He heads to the bank to deposit his cheque and notes the federal tax is $606.24. Peter stops to pick up a litre of rye and 12-pack of beer for the weekend. Included in the price of the bottle is $13.30 in taxes. There’s $4.01 in tax on the case of beer.

He stops at a convenience store to fill up his SUV with 100 litres of premium fuel as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. That price includes a 10-cent-a-litre tax levied by the feds, nine cents from the province, plus 7% GST. With premium fuel hitting $1 a litre in Edmonton yesterday, those combined taxes total $26.

While in the store the refinery worker picks up a carton of smokes for about $75. For that purchase he gets tagged with $32 in provincial taxes, $15.85 in a federal excise tax, plus the GST on top of everything. That adds up to $53.10 in taxes! So the grand total in government taxes paid on just one day for Peter is $702.65.

He curses under his breath at the crush of taxes – using Prime Minister Paul Martin’s name in vain.

Tax me, I’m Canadian.

In this country it’s always a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

As an otherwise proud Canadian it makes me ashamed and angry we’re so overtaxed – and it’s time to speak up.

Peter Demers is fictitious but he’s the Canadian Everyman – paying astronomical taxes to three levels of government.

“Basically we in Canada lose almost half of our wealth to three levels of government,” said Canadian Taxpayers Federation Alberta director John Carpay.

The director of the tax-fighting group notes greedy politicians viciously a-tax us from all angles.

“Canada has one of the highest income tax rates in the world,” said Carpay.

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