Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Expert Panel Says Ontario should get out of Booze Business

Ontario's Beverage Alcohol System Review unanimously concluded that Ontario should end its liquor cartel.

Greg Sorbara has plugged his ears and buried his head in the sand.

Beholden to special interests, the McGuinty Government will do nothing with this report, and that is the real shame.

Yet another reason to join the CTF!


David MacLean said...

Waiting for the Consumers Assocation to chime in -- Government liquor stores better for consumers.

David MacLean said...

The real bonus here is that the recommendation says privatization would mean taxpayers would save $200 million a year!

Shawn said...

But how would the poor stupid common man ever manage to exist in this hard, cruel world if the government wasn't constantly there to save the day (please note sarcasm). IF these clowns could do a decent job of providing the services they are mandated to provide (fire, police, infrastructure, etc.) there might be the basis for discussing their involvement in non-essential services like booze, etc. Given the abysmal record of every province in the Dominion on these issues, it confounds me who could consider this a necessary function of government.

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