Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Winnipeg's Mayor Marks One Year Anniversary

Winnipeg's Mayor, Sam Katz has been on the job for a year and already he has some major accomplishments he can point to. He slashed the business tax for downtown businesses by 20% this year(thanks to a pledge he signed from the CTF during the election), froze property taxes and established a Red Tape Commission to cut down on the bureaucracy at City Hall. Unfortunately, Mayor Katz has not made much progress on his fiery State of the City address he gave a few months ago which promised to get the city out of the business of running golf courses, gravel pits and fully privatizing garbage pick up. No question it is challenging to deal with a number of councilors who want taxes raised and spending increased, but Mayor Katz must do a better job of making the case for lower taxes and smaller government. The Winnipeg Sun's Tom Brodbeck grades Mayor Katz's performance at a B- and reiterates the CTF's concerns that change is taking too long.

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