Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Winnipeg politicians big travellers

Batra on international travel: "How about an international conference on making Winnipeg's roads driveable"


TimR said...

Those councillors in Winnipeg are pikers when it comes to spending tax dollars! St. Albert AB (pop. 60,000 or less than 1/10 of Winnipeg) sent their entire 7 member council along with their spouses to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities meeting in Newfoundland. The cost to send the spouses alone is estimated at $15,000.

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Justthinkin said...

timr...Finally!! Somebody beat out Edmonton's "silly" council.We actually left 1 behind to run the city! Ummmmmm...begs the question that maybe our city council is a wee bit overstaffed if they only need 1 to run it for a week???

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