Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why you should support the CTF

Isn't it time to stand up for lower taxes, less waste and accountable government in Canada?

The CTF is the country's ONLY non-partisan taxpayers' watchdog and advocacy group. We don't receive government grants and we don't have a charitable tax number. We rely on modest donations from individual supporters in every corner of the county.

We reject the notion that nothing ever changes: that all politicians lie, raise our taxes and waste our money. Balanced budgets, ending gold-plated pensions, implementing taxpayer protection laweliminatinging bracket creep and authoring tax reform are some examples of the CTF's success, and are all testimony to how a non-partisan group of citizens can make a difference.

Change is grounded in the participation of honest, taxpayer citizens like yourself.

In addition to supporting our advocacy work you have an opportunity to receive our flagship publication The Taxpayer. Called a "battle cry on newsprint" by the Vancouver Sun, The Taxpayer magazine arrives in your mailbox six times a year. Supporters also receive a monthly "action and issues update" (by e-mail or fax) called Tax Action. Click on www.taxpayer.com and you'll find the CTF's award winning web site that is updated daily.

Support the CTF, receive publications and bookmark our award-winning website at www.taxpayer.com.

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