Monday, June 20, 2005

Think everyone should pay more taxes?

Every once and again the Canadian Taxpayers Federation gets grumpy emails from people who disagree with our positions and think that people, especially the "rich", ought to pay more taxes. They think more money should be taken from people and "redistributed" to the poor.

We often respond by suggesting that those concerned individuals should write a cheque, in whatever amount they choose, to the level of government of their choice.

What do you think would happen if Canada imposed a Higher rate Optional Tax (AKA "hot" tax) that would allow chronically undertaxed individuals the option of paying more taxes? I say, what is there to lose?


John Murney said...

Well David, I for one believe ALL of us pay far too much in taxes. There is more than enough money to finance government activities, but it isn't prioritized. Governments in Canada have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Anonymous said...

And for every recepient of "redistribution" there is a title.
"LAZY B&$##@D"

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