Friday, June 03, 2005

Taxpayers' worst enemy set to strike again?

Dalton McGuinty reinstated the health premium abolished in the late 1980's, and there is talk that he may also re-introduce the hated and ineffective tire tax.

Remember in October, 2003 when Dalton McGuinty said, "I won't lower your taxes, but I won't raise them either?"

If you can't trust a politician vying for power, who can you trust?


Justthinkin said...

Here in Alberta we have that wonderful tire-tax,only they call it an enviromental fee.Ever notice fee and tax have 3 letters? Anyways,this costs us $4/tire and to date has raised around $10,000,000. But not 1 penny has found its way into the programs it was supposed to be used for.Alberta's Foundation fund,just like the Feds!!

Justthinkin said...

Oh yes,and we also have just been hit with another enviromental levy,$10 for every computer,TV,digital phone etc.,effective June 01.Don't you just love how they say they are holding taxes,while nailing us on evertyhing else??

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