Wednesday, June 01, 2005

SK: You heard it here first

How long will it be before Saskatchewan taxpayers are the proud owners of a money-losing pork operation? Not long. My taxpayer senses are tingling...

The province already has a stake in the operation of $1 million. The Moose jaw seats are important ones for the government. The ingredients are there for a bailout.

I hope we're wrong.


Shawn said...

Count on these fools getting sucked into this morass. It's almost like the tar baby from Uncle Remus. To anyone wanting to bemoan the lost jobs, all the gov't is doing is stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Economic sectors undergo cycles, if the plant closes, the availability of 300 workers may well entice some other industry to move there. Perhaps a local group can buy it for cheap, sort of like BSE has done to cattle packing. Gov't intervention will only make the problem worse.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which thread to post this on , so here goes.
Do you know how much of Canada Pension Plan money gets invested in Brascan every year?
Also, do you know about the ties that Brascan-Brookfield-LePage-Johnson has with the Federal government, especially PWGSC?

John Murney said...

The situation in the Moose Jaw is just the latest evidence that the Saskatchewan Government indeed has a spending problem.

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