Monday, June 27, 2005

SK: One more thought on the committee

I must say that I have a really good feeling this committee chaired by Jack Vicq is going to be a really good thing for Saskatchewan. Vicq, as many of you are aware, chaired the income tax review committee in the 90's which led to significant tax cuts. We're feeling REALLY optimistic.


Shawn said...

What are the chances these fools will actually listen if he comes up with anything other than "confiscate the means of production from the bourgeoise and empower the proletariat". I like Vicq's prior work, but the current NDP gov't is too hammer-and-sickle struck to do anything intelligent.

David MacLean said...

The government seems to stagger back and forth between reactionary government intervention in the economy (the available hours legisslation) and real economic developement initiatives (reductions in royalties, small business tax cuts, etc.)

Let's hope they swagger our way on this one. But you are right, it could go either way. It's up to all of us to make sure the government understands that there is significant support out there for tax reform.

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