Wednesday, June 15, 2005

SK: Health authority to STUDY emergency room waits

Saskatchewan's over-hyped "Health Quality Council" to look into wait times in emergency rooms, not because they are a vigorous and proactive health watchdog, but because emergency room wait times have been in the paper a lot lately.

The Health Quality Council is working with the Regina Qu’Appelle and Saskatoon health regions to look at ways of reducing wait times in tertiary hospital emergency departments.

“There is a lot of coverage in the media around emergency department wait times and so it (the review) is reflective of the attention that this issue gets, as well as the feedback from the health regions that say ‘yes, we need to look further into how we deliver care in the emergency departments’, and here is an opportunity to work with the Health Quality Council to do that,’’ said Bonnie Brossart, co-deputy CEO with the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council.

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John Murney said...

This was studied to death by Fyke and Romanow. It is time to get on with change in health care. No more studying this issue to death.

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