Tuesday, June 28, 2005

SK: Big labour on the economy -- "Everything is just fine"

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour thinks that having the worst average GDP growth in Canada for the past 10 years is just fine, and that businesses "have never had it so good."

Has it ever occurred to them that having a stronger economy means more members and higher salaries?

But SFL president Larry Hubich said business currently pays about 20 per cent of the total tax bill. "That is not an excessive amount in our view,'' Hubich said. Similarly, the current five-per-cent CIT rate for small business "is not excessive level of taxation,'' he added.

While conceding the 17-per-cent general CIT rate was at the "high end,'' Hubich said Saskatchewan doesn't levy payroll taxes or health- care premiums, like other jurisdictions.

Hubich said the Saskatchewan economy is healthy, "company owners and corporation shareholders have never had it so good,'' and successive governments have lowered business taxes substantially in the last 20 years.

"Clearly, the facts and good sense argue for no further reduction in business taxes in Saskatchewan,'' Hubich said.

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John Murney said...

Yes David, these people are living in a 1970s fantasyland.

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