Tuesday, June 07, 2005

SK: Auditor raises another flag

In his latest report released today, the Provincial Auditor raised a new flag around how the First Nations Trust spends our money. As part of a 2002 agreement, the government pays money to a First Nations Trust, as well four Community Development Corporations (CDCs) – Painted Hand, Bear Claw, Gold Eagle, and Northern Lights. This money is intended to be spent on community development initiatives in First Nation communities.

Last year the government provided the Trust and the CDCs with $38 million. It appears that the Trust and the CDCs are not providing the documentation to the province that is required under the law. The Auditor puts it succinctly in his report: “Because of the deficiencies noted, the Department does not know if the Trust and all the CDCs spent public money as the law intended.”

Alright folks, consider this your first warning. Here is the Provincial Auditor’s official recommendation for all to see:

“We recommend that the Department of First Nations and M├ętis Relations follow all of its processes to ensure the First Nations Trust properly protects public money and spends it as required by law.”

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