Tuesday, June 07, 2005

SK Auditor: Poor controls led to misuse of public money

The Auditor is slamming the Saskatchewan government for not having proper business controls in place to prevent fraud. The Department of Community Resources and Employment was defrauded of a $1 million, and Environment lost $500,000.

What was happening is that in some cases, a single bureaucrat was able to approve and expenditure, sign a cheque, and then cash it.

This is first year business training folks, get with the program. Most frustrating is the Auditor continually reminding government to improve business practices, and they refuse to follow through.


John Murney said...

What is even more sad David, is that fraud is has become so prevalent in everyday society, that most people are numb to it. Drug and gambling addictions, a low wage economy, financial pressures and the disappearance of morality are all factors fuelling this phenomena.

Shawn said...

This really isn't a big shock. Call me optimistic, but I don't think this is an Adscam-type situation (as far as motivations). Rather, I think it can be attributed to shoddy financial practices and an unwillingness to admit error and clean up the mess. Small wonder that FNUC is having the troubles they are, look who they have as an example!!

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