Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sask: Update -- Minister says no need to lower taxes on the poor

CJME is reporting that the Saskatchewan Party's plan to increase the basic personal exemption (the amount you can earn tax free each year) is being slammed by Labour Minister Deb Higgins. She says there is no need to increase the BPE because we already have the "third highest" exemption in Canada.

Well, that's all fine and good, Minister. That still doesn't justify having minimum wage-earners pay provincial income tax!

And with all respect, she is a little sloppy in her interpretation of taxes paid. An individual in Sask earning $35,000 or less pays the fourth highest rate of taxation in Canada. So much for "Saskatchewan heart."

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Shawn said...

So much for the "revolution of the proletariat". The speNDP is either extraordinarily dense or smart depending on what their goals are. This combined with the proposed min wage hikes is going to put a lot of the working poor out of work. They may be banking on swelling the welfare rolls, hoping people may forget who put them there at the next election.

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