Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sask: Government insurance company increasing rates for farmers

Farmers will be paying an overage of $30 more per year to register heavy farm vehicles, supposedly because of the damage they do to roads.

The Opposition Saskatchewan Party says nothing about the fact they they are sucking $2.5 million from the rural economy. Instead, they tell the government how the extra revenue should be spent.

Since when does registering your vehicle have anything to do with road maintenance? Isn't that what fuel taxes are for? Income taxes? PST?

This is pathetic.


Shawn said...

Actually the Sask Party has been pretty lame since the last election. It's like they are trying to out-commie the NDP. That simply won't happen, but it will piss off enough people that they will lose several of the seats they currently enjoy. Get your act together, put forward bold solutions that have been proven elsewhere time and again!

John Murney said...

Welcome to Saskatchewan in 2005...

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