Monday, June 20, 2005

Sask: Another hog operation struggling

This time, it's Community Pork Ventures and taxpayers also have a hand in this. Where does it all end?

From a December 2001 government news release:

Premium Brands [governent-owned] will double the sow processing capacity at Harvest Meats in Yorkton, which has the only sow processing facility in Western Canada. The expansion will ensure an adequate supply of raw material for its specialty sausage products such as European style sausages and Harvest's farmer's sausage. The expansion will also allow for the production of meat snack products under McSweeney's and Grimm's brand names.

As well, Premium Brands is working with Community Pork Ventures Inc. of Outlook (CPVI) to double its hog production over the next several years. Premium Brands owns one third of CPVI.

"We are proud to be entering into this partnership with Premium Brands," Deputy Premier and Agriculture and Food Minister Clay Serby said. "Harvest Meats has been an important part of Yorkton's economy for many years, while CPVI has played a significant role in many rural communities across Saskatchewan. We are pleased with the continued growth in both of these businesses and look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with the Premium Brands group of companies."

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John Murney said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't end David. Saskatchewan taxpayers are expected to fork over more and more of their precious dollars each year for these outrageous ventures.

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