Tuesday, June 21, 2005

PM says no to private health care

This CP story says a lot....

Taking questions on a Vancouver radio talk show Monday, Martin claimed the federal government's reinvestment in health care has already reduced waiting lists. "I don't believe in a two-tier medicare system," Martin told the CKNW audience. "What we're doing is putting our money into strengthening the public health-care system.

He neglects to mention that his personal doctor runs private clinics. So very rich.

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Bob said...

I don't understand why the politicians seem to be the only ones supporting the healthcare system as is. All of the public opinion polls that I have seen favor a system where the patient has some rights and is not hog tied by the one size fits all system we have now. Call it 2 tiered or 15 tiered ... whatever. The system we have now is not a system ... nor does it provide reliable health care to anyone. Seems like a "let them eat cake" attitude to me.

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