Thursday, June 02, 2005

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CAPC director Tanis fiss on residential schools:

Were Indian residential schools perfect? Of course not. But what was the alternative? Should the federal government not have provided an education for aboriginal children?

If crimes were committed in the schools – and some were – the victims of the crimes have the same right as any other citizen to seek redress through the courts. Compensation should be paid for legitimate claims – not out of guilt.


Justthinkin said...

Tanis: this type of bailout should surprise nobody familiar with socialist practices.In their world,it doesn't matter if the program/payout/buyoff/ is FAIR or WORKS,just that it LOOKS like they are doing something.And the MORE bucks spent on it,the better.And yes,this is the Liberals tactics,who are just closet socialists anyways.The Indian Act should have been scrapped years agoe for the money sucking pit it is.Then tell ALL natives,now you don't have or need special status,you are Canadian like the rest of us schmucks.

Per Ardua AD Astra

Meaghan Champion said...

Just curious... since the CTF is linking to "Small Dead Animals"... does the CTF think that "Canada needs institutions to lock up Indian activists and apologists" and that Canada needs to recreate residential schools for indian children?

I'm curious about the link.

John Murney said...

The Residential schools existed purely to assimilate the First Nations people and destroy their culture. We will be living from the fallout of this injustice in our society for centuries to come. The least our society can do is compensate the victims of these rotten schools.

Meaghan Champion said...

I'm with John on this one. I'd advise anybody who still believes that the schools were merely "well intended, but poorly executed" to check out Kevin Annetts stuff online. He is the United Church Minister who was defrocked for daring to demand the Truth on this subject from the Church. His website has some DIA documents that show the mortality rate of these "schools" at some places as high as 50 and 75%. Shameful. Absolutley Shameful.

Charlotte Taylor said...

I'm very surprised that Tanis Fiss takes such a casual attitude to residential schools and mandatory public schooling in general. I overwhelmingly appreciate and admire her courageous writing on our government's socialist and racist Indian Act.
The residential school were forced, parents had no choice about whether thier children were to leave their care or not. It's not a matter of whoever was abused should get compensated because the entire premise went against many basic freedoms.
What Native people have endured as a result of this heavy-handed government action has been used to justify their continued dependency by our federal government. Ms. Fiss' reaction to this issue has surprised me and changed my view of her. I had taken her as a proponent of freedom and individual rights and the residential school system was the most blatant attack on such principles in Canada's history.

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