Monday, June 27, 2005

Nevermind what Doctors and Patients Say, Ujjal Knows Best!

Facts only get in the way as Canada's Health Minister clings to ideology. How many more patients have to suffer and/or die before Ottawa will listen and make genuine reforms to the current broken system?


David MacLean said...

Oh that's gold. I love this:

"I am extremely disappointed," Dosanjh said. "I am wondering where Dr. Schumacher wants to take the CMA. I am disappointed that he wants to take the CMA in a direction where he sees a private health care in Canada.

Talk to your boss, Dosanjh. His doctor runs a bunch of clinics. I know this will come as a shock to you, but private health care already exists. Pass it around.

Bob said...

When will these politicians step back and look at the world as it is instead of what if was 30 years ago. Having watched Ujjal lie bare faced to the people of British Columbia as Premier, and then switch parties from NDP to Liberal to get into federal office ... I would not listen to anything he says about anything. What is in it for these politicians who are so vehemently defending a dead healthcare system. Makes me think they are skimming off some gravy along the way ... or at least trying to hide some level of incompetence.

905 Tory said...

It's unfortunate that for the Liberals equality means artificially manufaturing equal results for all Canadians, rather than allowing the liberty of equal opportunity. Either all Canadians have to suffer (socialism), or all Canadians can have the personal freedom to spend their own money to save their own lives. The health of all Canadians and the personal freedom of all Canadians do not need to be mutually exclusive. In other words, allow private health care to develop. The government doesn't have to push it if they don't want to, rather, they should at least allow Canadians to take the initiative of finding alternatives to the huge waiting lists for surgeries.

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