Monday, June 27, 2005

The NDP e-zine commonwealth on the "non-announcement"

This from the Commonwealth:

NDP Increases Minimum Wage
Beginning on Sept. 1, minimum wage earners in Saskatchewan will earn another 40 cents per hour.

The announcement was made by the Saskatchewan NDP last week as part of a three phase increase in the minimum wage over two years. On Sept.1, the minimum wage will increase to $7.05 per hour, followed by another increase of 50 cents to $7.55 per hour on Mar. 1, 2006 and then another increase of 40 cents to $7.95 on Mar. 1. 2007.

Actually, the NDP didn't announce it. The Saskatchewan Party did. Which must have been pretty embarrassing for the government, but somewhat humourous for everyone else.

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