Sunday, June 19, 2005

MPs getting a free lunch

Like the unlimited airfare, massive salary and countless perks aren't enough, MPs enjoy "delicious and nutritious meals" every day of the week. It's only money right? When was the last time you enjoyed a $30 fillet of sole for lunch?

Bloc Quebecois MP Michel Gauthier, for example, may not be behind a united Canada. But he'll gladly throw his support behind a free Canada Dry gingerale. But, as Gauthier explains, "It's part of the work." When asked whether he thought it right that all MPs should eat for free, however, Liberal MP Pierre Pettigrew said no.

"No, I think we can afford to pay for our food," the foreign affairs minister told CTV. "I have no problem with that." But Ontario Liberal MP Susan Kadis says she sees no problem with ensuring the
nation's lawmakers are well fed.

"I don't think its wrong to provide something for MPs. I know myself, often there isn't time to go to the cafeteria sometimes you miss lunch."

Liberal MP Joe Comuzzi thinks the program's so great, he shares freebie fruit with Parliamentary guards and roving reporters.

Just because the food's free to MPs, however, doesn't mean it's entirely without cost.

CTV News has learned that the federal parties order approximately 180 meals a day, four days a week when Parliament is sitting.


John Murney said...

This is an outrage. I am writing to my MP to get some action on this matter.

Rick said...

Ok let me get this straight, these guys make over 100 000 dollars a year, and get a free lunch on the taxpayers expense. Yet people who are in the 40000-70000 income range, pay for their own lunch meals?

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