Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Health Care Reform on the Way?

Canada's monopolistic health-care system, that denies access to the most basic of services may be judged as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.


Justthinkin said...

I hope and pray, although I doubt it ,that the hand picked lefties in the SC can make 1 right decision and send this dead dog called Health care to its proper death.

Anonymous said...

You say "monopolistic" like it has the attributes of a monoply. But health care in Canada is actually a true monopoly, so call it what it is, a liberty-stifling health care monopoly. If canadians don't understand that their basic human rights are being trounced upon by the health system, they we arn't worth fighting for. Bring on kim il sung. there is little difference between our health system and theirs.

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