Thursday, June 16, 2005

For absolutely no reason

Colby Cosh on the Chaulli decision....

[UPDATE, 4:38 pm: It occurs to me that some of you who didn't follow the case while it was still sub judice may not know that Dr. Chaoulli argued this case personally before the Supreme Court. It's got to be one of the greatest David-v.-Goliath stories in the annals of Commonwealth law: with help from a few lawyers and private clinics, he took on and beat five attorneys general, ten senators, the Canadian Labour Congress, and the complete Choir Invisible of received opinion. This New York Times piece from a fortnight ago has a chuckle at the doc's expense, pointing out that he "flunk[ed] out of a Montreal law school a few years ago, after he incessantly challenged professors in the classroom and in exams with his novel legal interpretations." Who's laughing now, bitches?]

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