Thursday, June 30, 2005

Environment committee "whitewashes" Kyoto report

Via shotgun yesterday...

This release from MP Bob Mills blowing the whistle on a bogus report coming from the environment committee...

“Day after day MP’s sat in committee listening to dozens of witnesses point out the flaws in Canada’s commitment to Kyoto. The report the NDP, Liberal, Bloc coalition has forced through today bears almost no resemblance to the depositions we heard. This is another Liberal whitewash designed to prop up a failing coalition between the Liberals, socialists and separatists,” said Mills.

“Seeing as though the committee coalition has voted to recommend a report which calls for sending billions of dollars offshore to buy hot air, the Conservative MP’s on the committee have tabled a minority report. This report reflects much of what we heard at committee from the witnesses. It promotes a responsible plan to keep Canadian tax dollars in Canada fighting both climate change and real air pollution. Moreover it calls for the aggressive promotion of new green technologies that we can export for the betterment of everyone,” finished Mills.

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