Monday, June 06, 2005

Dryden's quixotic pursuit of state-run child care

From the Regina Leader Post:

A national early learning and child- care system must become rooted in Canadian society in order to make it irreversible in the future, says the federal minister of social development.

"We must have it so strong, so entrenched, so understood that nobody dares touch it," Ken Dryden told more than 600 members of the child-care field. Dryden was in Regina Saturday to address a national early learning and child-care conference being held in the city.

Roughly 70 per cent of children under the age of six have both parents working, said Dryden, noting the importance an early-learning and child- care program would have on the majority of Canadian children. "It is the way in which we live, it is the way in which our kids live," he explained.


Shawn said...

Why not just allow people an equivalent tax credit to use as they see fit to raise their own kids. If sending one's child to a union-run, goverment indoctrination mill appeals to some, they would be free to spend their credit on it. Others would be free to follow their desires as well.

Amy said...

Someone should tell Dryden that social engineering was proven a failure with the ousting of Hitler, Stalin, Lennon and communism.

However, perhaps he is using Communist China's enforced propaganda programs from birth as his model.

Justthinkin said...

I think he took one too many pucks to the head! Then again,that makes him perfect for the Libs.
Shawn,we will never see a tax-credit as this is a definite Lib no-no.Who knows,the family might return to what it was 40 years ago.Oh the horror!!!

Amy...I think you meant Lenin, but point well taken. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. At Canadians peril I might add.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

Linda said...

The Librano's can't even get the ill-conceived gun registry up and running in a timely and fiscally responsible manner, and they want us to trust them with our children??? Too many pucks to the head indeed. Study after study has shown that, given an actual choice, most parents would choose to have a full-time parent at home with their kids during the pre-school years. Can't let reality get in the way though, huh, Ken?

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