Friday, June 17, 2005

BC: New on

BC Director Sara MacIntyre on health reform...

Premier Campbell should repeal the prohibition in the Medicare Protection Act. Not only because it is likely to be ruled unconstitutional in the future, but because it is morally reprehensible to sentence people to suffer on waiting lists and to deny them the choice of purchasing private medical insurance and ultimately getting treatment faster.

Nonetheless, if the premier decides to follow the many political sheep before him and fail to lead health care reform patients should take solace in the fact that, reform will come with or without his leadership. As is usually the case, true reform will come from the ground up. There will be an instance, in the not so distant future, where a private insurer will decide to bear the risk of contravening The Medicare Protection Act and offer medical insurance. Why? Because there is both an overwhelming demand from health care consumers for timely access and an unlikely scenario of the BC government wanting to trigger a constitutional challenge.

Patients want choice and it will come regardless of the political will of our ‘leaders.’ But there is choice for premier Campbell: repeal the provision and be the shepherd of health care reform, or join the rest of the sheep and do nothing.

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