Friday, June 17, 2005

BC: "I'm not a fiscal conservative, but I play one on TV"

Gordon Campbell announces a ludicrously large cabinet. If you are a BC MLA you basically have even odds of making Cabinet.


John Murney said...

That should ensure nothing productive will happen in BC for the next little while!
Smaller cabinets are not only less expensive for taxpayers to maintain, but provide better government because decisions can be made more efficiently.

Joel McLaughlin said...

Give it a rest. B.C. is a large province with a growing population. Premier Campbell has trimmed cabinet from his first term and his record on fiscal responsibility is clear. I have no doubt that the next four years in B.C. will be marked by prosperity and good government. Go attack Nanny McGuinty and his merry band of statists.

Matthew Cowper said...

Smaller cabinets provide better government? Let's judge the positions on the merits, shall we? I'd say that Falcon as Minister of Deregulation was a brilliant move. Likewise having a Minister largely responsible for land-use plans (SRM) enabled a great deal of reform & hands-on work to get done. Having a junior minister for Mining is a great idea as well, and is continuing to pay dividends.
Frankly, if you want to change the system, and avoid bureaucratic capture of the levers of power, more ministers with narrower portfolios is clearly the way to go.

Tommy Douglas said...

Oh puhleeze...where did all the liberals come from? First off, have you seen the size of the BC budget? I would make a dipper blush? How about the "no child left hungry" plan that will see our kids be fed by the state?

Yer logic is so ridiculous. More cabinet posts will mean more gets done? Yes, lets do look at the facts. Ralph Kleins government, back when it was great, had two thirds the cabinet it does now. And how exactly did that work?

Campbell, like Ralph, is a flash in the pan. No self-respecting fiscal conservative would have the word "liberal" attached to him.

Tommy Douglas said...

Oh yeah...and ministry of aboriginal relations and RECONCILIATION?

Give me a break.

I would love to be named the minister of apologizing and self-loathing. Where do I sign up?

Matthew said...

ok, firstly, the cost of additional ministries is only marginal- the vast majority of government units are going to remain the same whether they are stand-alone ministries or lumped into mega-ministries.

td, have you actually seen the budget documents? You know, the ones that show thousands fewer bureaucrats? The ones that show spending as a percentage of GDP heading significantly lower? (And, I might add, it'd be quite dramatic but for Health).

Sure, there are silly ministries- I'd point to Child Care preeminently; at least Aboriginal has to look over the Treaty Process.

Tommy Douglas said...

Oh...the cost ministries is only marginal. Say in a minister's office ther ere 5 staffers. A couple admin people, a COS, an MA..

Yer looking at a couple hundred thousand a year just for salaries. And when you add in the PR folks in the ministries, and the new letterhead and business cards, office space and resultant renovations, yer talking millions. For what? NOTHING.

The point remains, the platform the libs were elected on was very, so very liberal. Government is going to grow, not shrink. Wait for it...

Matthew Cowper said...

Absolutely, that's marginal. The provincial budget is somewhere around 30 billion. If it costs 10 million to have effective political oversight over the bureaucracy, it's worth it, and will save money in the long run.

If we're going to pick on the Cabinet, better to complain about who went where- I can't figure out the rhyme or reason, myself.

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