Friday, May 27, 2005

Winnipeg Sun editorial on gas tax campaign

The federal government collected $4.5 billion in gas taxes last year. Of that, only $324 million -- or 7.2% -- was ploughed back into Canada's highways, roads and bridges. It's a disgrace. And it's highway robbery, as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation reminded us yesterday while releasing its 7th-annual Gas Tax Honesty Campaign. More...

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Jema54 said...

Congratulations on the new site, CTF, I predict that it will be a very busy place.
I have a little tidbit to report from the Yukon. Friday, in the "Red Rag",a local newspaper known by another name (Yukon News), there is a full page article announcing that the Yukon will recieve 37.5 million dollars over the next five years via the gas -tax sharing program - AS LONG AS THE LIBERAL GOV'T IS IN POWER. 37.5 million for approx 29,000 PEOPLE!!! This is not for infrastructure (like roads and bridges in a vast land -or for fighting fires -1.8 million HECTORS of forest burned last year), it is to 'better' the lives of these few souls(99% of these 'souls' live in Whitehorse - many just live in the Yukon in the summer). There is no industry here and the main town (Whitehorse) has a new transit system(Bus) so I am not sure where the money will go...
The Yukon is a luxury 'welfare territory' already so this extra money is for something else.
Most Canadians do not know about the 'subsidized' life of imported Yukon people (most REAL Yukoners left the territory during the last 20 years when the NDP and Liberals shut down all mining and production). Today the territory produces NOTHING but Larry Bagnel (Liberal M.P.), brings up suitcases of Fed money to prop up the territory and the government workers living here. People here have the best medicare in Canada and pay no premiums. People 'working' (for the gov't and voting Lib/ND0 here get two taxpayer paid return trips "home"(anywhere in Canada), per year. Ferderal gov't employees take their whole family on the taxpayers tab. The gov't employees here make large saleries and they deduct the Northern Living allowance from their taxable incomes ($7,500) some of them are moved up here and moved out on the taxpayers tab. This little 'slug fest' goes on to preserve the Yukon vote for Larry. The beautiful Yukon is the ONLY Liberal stronghold in the west and the Feds want to keep it that way. It is also geographically placed right next door to Alaska.
Taxpayers accross this nation should be OUTRAGED. The Yukon "arrangement" should be dismantled by exposure. I have been trying to expose the injustice of this for years but no one pays any attention to me. I hope CTF will, and will look into this waste of taxpayers money. Something stinks pretty high.

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