Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Why do it jack?"

Medicine Hat MP Monte Solberg live blogging from the Finance Committee meeting:

I am in the Finance Committee and just asked the Parliamentary Secretary John McKay why the Atlantic Accord was in the budget when the other federal provincial agreements like the Health Accord and the Equalization agreement had their own legislation. He answered that it was because those other agreements were signed in the fall whereas the Atlantic Accord wasn't signed until February so then it was better to have it in the Budget.

For reasons that just escape me members on all sides laughed at his answer. So the Parliamentary Secretary's position is that if the provinces sign an agreement with the feds between March and December then the agreement will get its own legislation. But if it's a January or February deal then it goes into the Budget. Who knew?

The NDP have such an interesting position on corporate tax relief. They want it removed from Bill C 43. But they are also okay with having the libs bring in the exact same tax relief through a ways and means motion. How strange.

I'm certain I'm wrong about this but this seems to be a completely useless exercise. In fact it will waste time, which the dippers and libs claim that they are fiercely opposed to. So why do it Jack?


Ian in NS said...

Huh -- so, we in NS & NL get kicked in the shins by forcing our deal into the budget because it took that dithering putz SEVEN MONTHS to come to the agreement? Why do we get punished for Martin's incompetence?

Laughter? I'd have done well not to knock the guy's teeth in. It is sooooo obvious from down here that Martin's using this thing as a wedge to try and drive the NS & NL Conservative members away from the party line, and/or to use its failure as a campaign tool to try and peel off Conservative support. He doesn't give a damn about actually passing it or he'd have done it by now.

I hope the rest of the voters here also understand this, but given Williams's shameful performance and Hamm's equivocating in the runup to the budget vote, I'm not so sure.

David MacLean said...

Right on the head Ian. It's all about big joke to these guys. It's our money, but it's theirs to play with. They are laughing at us.

Anonymous said...

In the Grewal tapes Murphy said about possible other floor crossers - a couple from Newfoundland that are near retirement.

Who but the voting public does not know the Atlantic Accord is wrapped up in the budget to blackmail CPC MP's into voting with the Liberals.

Who else has heard the rumour that Danny Williams may have been "promised" something -

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