Friday, May 27, 2005

What about the other $12.4-billion Mr. Martin?

TORONTO -- Prime Minister Paul Martin defended his recent social spending spree Thursday as part of the "cold arithmetic" necessary to keep his minority Liberal government alive, but promised business leaders he's not about to steer Canada back into deficit.....

Check out for a complete breakdown of Ottawa's recent spending spree, that makes drunken sailors seem frugal!


thebubble said...

Please don't believe anything in that speech. Martin was just saying what the Bay Street crowd wanted to hear.
He also talked about tax cuts — BUT ONLY, AND ONLY IF, social programs are protected. So, what's the point. Just say, NO TAX CUTS, WE'RE LIBERAL.

Anonymous said...

Does the CTF still have all the information you collected on the government relocation contract, especially the stuff from CFB Pettawawa?
Please answer yes or no in this comments section.

David MacLean said...

I'm not sure, we'll have to check with the federal office.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, David.
I'll check back next week.
BTW, if politicans can be believed, the Public Accounts Committee will pass a motion on Monday, 30 May, to call in the Auditor General on this contract. More details to follow.

EL said...

Thx for a good breakdown of the " I wanna buy your vote" trough. Alberta must not be on the Liberal radar as it looks like only 1.7 million came to Alberta. This really demonstrates the advantage of having the Deputy Prime Minister coming from Alberta(not). Keep up the good work!!! HAS THE CBC REQUESTED TRHIS?

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