Friday, May 13, 2005

Up, Up and Away: Corporate Welfare Takes Off

The CTF is slamming the $350 million handout to Bombardier that was announced yesterday. I just saw CTF federal director John Williamson answer some pretty tough questions on CBC News world.

Questions like: "England, Brazil and the US does, so why shouldn't we?"

"Some might say that you are being naive, as this is the way it is done in the aeronautics industry, what say you?"

In the CTF release, Williamson dishes out this zinger: “In December, Industry Minister David Emerson said the taxpayers of Canada ‘haven’t lost any money on Bombardier.’ If this is true, Mr. Emerson should come clean and release Bombardier’s repayment records. But he won’t because such transparency will only confirm what taxpayers already know, that Bombardier is a welfare sinkhole.”

Nuff said.

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