Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Support voting reform in BC

CTF's Troy Lanigan on supporting BC voting reform:

Party discipline is designed to enhance the power of premiers, cabinets and political parties. When successful it robs voters of representation. When your local MLA becomes party property the day after the election -- as they all do -- you have just lost your vote, you have just lost your voice, you have just lost your representation.

Many hold that strong local representation is a virtue of our current voting system. That may be true elsewhere, but not in British Columbia. Under severe party discipline this alleged virtue is non-existent.

Under the current system interests of party are always placed ahead of local citizens. Representation for citizens is frequently sacrificed and accountability for taxpayers weakened. Between elections voters cannot count on their representatives to deny government the premier and cabinet anything it wants. It has led to frustration so great that for the first time in our history, fewer than 50% of eligible voters are expected to cast a ballot on May 17th

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