Thursday, May 19, 2005

Raw deal -- not "new" deal

We've campaigned for six years. We've collected thousands of signatures calling on Ottawa to use fuel tax dollars as a user fee and put that money back into municipal roads and bridges. Heck, we even drove a van across Canada collecting signatures from hundreds of mayors who support our Municipal Road Trust model that would reduce taxes on gasoline and share what's left with municipalities. We met face to face with Paul Martin and demanded gas tax sharing.

We got a new deal alright. But not a single pot hole will ever be filled with new gas tax money coming to municipalities. Ottawa will not allow it. Instead, this money must be put toward "green spaces" and initiatives aimed at meeting the objectives of the ridiculous Kyoto protocol.

This must be changed. Call your MP and tell him to scrap the "new deal", and come clean with a REAL deal.


John Murney said...

I too would like to see gas tax dollars go to fix our roads, all of it in fact.
However, there is some logic in applying this revenue to Kyoto Protocol based work - there is evidence to suggest emissions from the internal combustion engine is contributing to climate change. If we don't take steps to curb damage to the environment now, we will all be paying much, much, much higher taxes down the road to deal with the fallout from climate change.

But I wholeheartedly agree all gas tax revenue should be used to fix our roads. If there is any gas tax revenue left over, maybe it could be channelled into mass transit. I would love to be able to ride a passenger train from Regina to Calgary, for example.

Yellow Blade said...

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