Monday, May 30, 2005

Native Canadians hope for a $5 billion deal

If recent events are any indication of the willingness of Canada's Prime Minister, Paul Martin to cave into money demands - take for example the $4.6 billion deal with the NDP - Canadians should not be shocked to learn native leaders are working towards a $5 billion dollar deal with the federal government. The new deal would be in addition to the near $8 billion per year the federal government already spents on aboriginal programs.

An announcement is expected tormorrow evening.


Anonymous said...

I hope the First Nations get their money. They should be asking for 20 Billion because under Ottawa's current system, only 20% of allocated funds make it to the Reserves. The remainder gets spent on "ADMINISTRATION"

CharLeBois said...

I love it... $8 Billion a year on Native programs, $12 Billion on our military... seems about right for Canada!

Anonymous said...

When will the government have enough guts to say enough is enough. Soon the natives will get more government money than healthcare for the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Have a read of First Nations, Second Thoughts! My conclusion is that the natives owe us money!

Anonymous said...

$8 billion a year to Natives and not counting social assistance payments? And possibly another $5 billion more coming? For what? New SUVs for chief and council? New additions to their lovely homes? New steel-toe boots for them to continue stepping on their own people and holding them down so they can 'prove' there is a problem that needs more funding thrown into their pockets?
No wonder we can only give about $3 billion a year to foriegn aid to help people who live in countries that don't have social assistance programs to help those truly in need.

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